Application of stripping agent

1) Application of peeling agent in household paper: household paper is a kind of special thin-shaped paper with large output and low weight. Because the new paper machine is very fast, so to obtain the ideal peeling effect, many companies choose Mineral oil or vegetable oil emulsion, when used together with adhesive, can achieve wrinkle and effective peeling effect. Polymer wax release agents and paper softeners also have a certain peelability, but the peeling effect is worse than mineral oil, but it can increase the fineness and brightness of the wrinkles on the paper surface.

  2) Coated paper: Coated paper is a kind of special paper processed by surface coating. The coating liquid of various coated papers is different, and the performance is also different. Some of these paper products require a very bright surface, such as glass cardboard, cast-coated high-gloss inkjet paper, etc. They are coated with pigments, dried with hot air, and dried under a certain pressure in contact with the cast-coating cylinder. After peeling off, the surface will be high. Smooth paper. In the coating slurry of these papers, a certain amount of release agent, such as polymer wax emulsion or polyether release agent, should be added. The cationic polymer wax emulsion release agent is especially suitable for the peeling of inkjet paper.

  3) Thin paper: There are many varieties of thin paper, such as tea bag paper, mask paper, superstition paper, decorative paper, etc., which are generally lighter in weight. These papers are difficult to automatically leave the dryer and require a certain amount of stripping agent. Due to the different application characteristics of thin paper, you can choose the most economical and most suitable release agent. For example, because the surface of superstition paper needs to be pasted with tin foil, mineral oil-based release agents cannot be used. Otherwise, the tin foil will not stick. In this case, use anionic Polymer wax type emulsion stripper is more suitable. For example, mask paper and decorative paper can use cationic polymer wax emulsion release agent, which can be added in the pulp or before the net. The paper added with polymer wax emulsion release agent will improve the adaptability of printing, which is conducive to the improvement of the adhesion of printing ink.
stripping agent