Correct use of Fluorescent Whitening Agent

          Fluorescent Whitening Agent involves a very wide range of industries. Generally speaking, when people buy products, they have relatively high requirements for appearance. Therefore, it can be seen in the plastic industry and paint and ink industry, as well as the printing and dyeing industry and washing industry Fluorescent brighteners, but many people do n’t know how to use them

          When using it correctly, you must first select the model of Fluorescent Whitening Agent. Generally, you know that there are many types of fluorescent whitening agents, and the performance characteristics of different types of fluorescent whitening agents are different. Therefore, when selecting a fluorescent whitening agent, it is best to choose a special style fluorescent whitening agent, which can be combined with the product and production process to select a suitable whitening agent.
            Next is the need to determine the amount of Fluorescent Whitening Agent. In plastics, the amount of fluorescent whitening agent is compared with the mass percentage of other plastics. The amount of transparent plastic is usually small, while the amount of white plastic is usually more.

           In paint and ink, the amount of fluorescent whitening agent is usually an intermediate value. When it comes to specific dosage, it is recommended to take a small sample from the manufacturer of fluorescent whitening agent, because the use of fluorescent whitening agent is less, it will easily cause whitening effect. Not ideal, but if you use it too much, it will cause the whitening agent to precipitate, so before you determine the amount, take a sample test.

            The method of adding fluorescent whitening agents is generally used in plastics. Dry whitening, wet whitening and masterbatch whitening can be used. There are grinding methods for adding fluorescent whitening agents in paints. This method requires grinding the paint and fluorescent whitening agents together. It is also possible to directly grind the fluorescent whitening agents and then add them to the paint through a high-speed disperser. go with.