How should silicone textile softeners be used on leather clothes?

As the name suggests, silicone textile softeners actually make an item soft, it is a chemical substance. It can smooth the surface of the fiber, make the product feel comfortable and feel better. There is a term called static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient. Soft feeling is the comprehensive feeling when these two coefficients change. Silicone textile softeners are a chemical substance that can make the two change.

In the process of textile processing, it needs to be processed many times, otherwise it will easily lead to a bad feel of the textile and a rough feeling. The general application is to use silicone textile softeners Finishing, so that the textile can become soft and smooth, so as to enhance the feel and texture, it will be more comfortable to wear.
When textiles are processed, it will cause the fabrics to rub against each other, and the fabrics and textile instruments will rub against each other, which is easier to cause scratches on the textiles, so in order to avoid these injuries, the fibers are generally soft and smooth that can adapt to the processing conditions Sex, you need to use silicone textile softeners. The leather textile softeners mainly make leather more soft, natural, smooth and delicate texture.

How to use silicone textile softeners to make the texture effect of leather better? This is also very simple. Like our leather silicone textile softeners KF-331, there are two methods of use. One is the dipping method, and then one dip, one roll or two dip Just two rolls.

Of course, these two methods can be used in a variety of silicone textile softeners, mainly depends on the concentration of silicone textile softeners of that product.