Introduction to the use of silicone oil

Silicone oil is widely used in the textile industry. Whether it is fabric production, yarn and thread production, and subsequent printing and dyeing, product processing, silicone oil is widely used. According to different situations, silicone oil can form a soft and durable film with low friction coefficient. , Inertness, durability, heat resistance, low surface tension, etc., make the product meet the ideal requirements, widely used in the production of thread oil, spinning oil, smoothing agent, and raising agent.

It is widely used in motors, electrical appliances, and electronic instruments as an insulating medium with high temperature resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, and dust resistance. It is also used as transformer and capacitor oil, which can reduce the size of the transformer and increase the power. Improve safety and pollution-free.

Used as anti-vibration damping oil, widely used in instrument car fans, buffer dampers, etc. Using this product as a liquid spring, small volume, light weight, can withstand a large impact in a wide temperature range, is very good Anti-vibration absorbent.

Used as a release agent. It can be widely used in plastic molding, rubber processing, metal casting, papermaking, glass products, fibers, food, etc., with strong mold release, high surface accuracy of the product, low dosage, and multiple use at one time, safe, clean, and non-toxic , Tasteless and other advantages.