What is High-efficiency Scouring Agent?

         In terms of technology, the time for merging and processing fabrics is shortened, which makes it more difficult to remove impurities. At this time, High-efficiency Scouring Agent is needed. High-efficiency scouring agent has rapid penetration, strong emulsifying power, high cleaning power, and resistance High temperature and strong alkali and oxidant resistance.

         Carefully selected and carefully compounded a variety of surfactants, so as to develop a long car alkali-resistant refining agent, which is a special anionic surfactant compound. It is suitable for penetrating agent in cold pile and boiling and bleaching processes of cotton and polyester-cotton knitted fabrics, and as penetrant in cold pile and deboiling and bleaching processes of cotton, hemp and their blended woven fabrics.
          In addition, adding a suitable organic solvent during the preparation of the High-efficiency Scouring Agent can help improve the treatment effect. High-efficiency Scouring Agent plays a vital role in the pre-processing of cotton fabrics, so it can not only reduce the surface tension of the scouring solution, but also allow it to quickly penetrate into the fiber, but also play a role in the impurities on the fiber To saponification, emulsification, dispersion and solubilization and decontamination.